"Ode to the Sun" by Eloise Bibb Thompson

Published under fair use. Ode to the Sun by Eloise Bibb Thompson How many scenes, O sun, Hast thou not shone upon! How many tears, O light, Have dropped before thy sight! How many heart-felt sighs, How many piercing cries, How many deeds of woe, Dost thy bright light not know! How many broken hearts, That are pierced by sorrow’s... Read more →

Published with permission of the author. Heather Cox Richardson;s Letters from an American July 26, 2020 Reality is disrupting the ideology of today’s Republican Party. For a generation, Republicans have tried to unravel the activist government under which Americans have lived since the 1930s, when Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt created a government that regulated business, provided a basic social safety... Read more →

Reprinted from Bloomberg under Fair Use. If Trump Won’t Lead the World, Others Must The White House leaves a leadership vacuum in the midst of a pandemic. By Michael R. Bloomberg April 28, 2020, 5:30 AM EDT Look elsewhere. Photographer: Yuri Gripas/Abaca Press/Bloomberg The gravest emergency to confront the U.S. in decades has fallen on the watch of a uniquely... Read more →

Reprinted with permission from Letters from an American. April 27, 2020 Heather Cox Richardson Apr 28 Each morning, aides produce for the president the President’s Daily Brief (PDB), a classified report that summarizes the most important developments in security threats. Today the Washington Post reported that, beginning in early January, US intelligence agencies produced more than a dozen classified briefings... Read more →

Reprinted with gracious permission of the author and the photographer. Poem from poets.org. Photograph 061221 dry by Bruno Chalifour. Church for the Disliked Sy Hoahwah On the turnpike, the smell of a heaven made out of old barn wood from Okmulgee. Handles and rungs cut from a fat farmer’s leather belt. In the eastern counties, coffins raced uphill, moving on... Read more →

... from Foreign Affairs: Climate Action on the Ballot?

Printed under Fair Use from Foreign Affairs. April 22, 2020 | View in Browser How should a Republican or a Democratic administration incorporate climate action into U.S. foreign policy? James A. Baker III and George P. Shultz, both former Republican secretaries of state, outline with Ted Halstead the undeniable strategic advantages of U.S. leadership in the global fight against climate... Read more →