Our Land by Langston Hughes

Published under Fair Use Our Land by Langston Hughes We should have a land of sun, Of gorgeous sun, And a land of fragrant water Where the twilight is a soft bandanna handkerchief Of rose and gold, And not this land Where life is cold. We should have a land of trees, Of tall thick trees, Bowed down with chattering... Read more →

Published under Fair Use. TOPICS:Biochemistry Catalysts Energy Green Energy Photosynthesis Plant Science Popular Purdue University By PURDUE UNIVERSITY JUNE 15, 2021 Humans can do lots of things that plants can’t do. We can walk around, we can talk, we can hear and see and touch. But plants have one major advantage over humans: They can make energy directly from the... Read more →

Chevy Volt at Charging Station from Wikipedia Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the way. Just as the printing press supplanted illuminated manuscripts, the automobile displaced the horse, electronic communication replaced communicating by post, digital imaging superseded both traditional photography and cinematic film, electric vehicles--be they cars or trucks--will replace fossil fuel driven vehicles in the next few decades. EVs are... Read more →

"Ode to the Sun" by Eloise Bibb Thompson

Published under fair use. Ode to the Sun by Eloise Bibb Thompson How many scenes, O sun, Hast thou not shone upon! How many tears, O light, Have dropped before thy sight! How many heart-felt sighs, How many piercing cries, How many deeds of woe, Dost thy bright light not know! How many broken hearts, That are pierced by sorrow’s... Read more →

Published with permission of the author. Heather Cox Richardson;s Letters from an American July 26, 2020 Reality is disrupting the ideology of today’s Republican Party. For a generation, Republicans have tried to unravel the activist government under which Americans have lived since the 1930s, when Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt created a government that regulated business, provided a basic social safety... Read more →