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The Quimby Family Farm by Lisa Ward Images under Fair Use from Quimby Family Foundation and also Quimby Family Farm FB Pages As the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays approach us, in small town Marlboro, NY, and my husband and I visited the annual Marlboro Holiday Extravaganza held at the Marlboro Elementary School, I couldn't help but to think of a... Read more →

Corporate America, A Sucker’s Dream by Michael North I recently bought a house, so naturally I’ve been spending a lot of time at home improvement stores. Most recently, my girlfriend and I have been renovating our basement, so I went to Home Depot to have some paint mixed. As I was waiting for the store associate, I thought back to... Read more →

Christmas on the Rez by Doug George-Kanentiio, Akwesasne Mohawk Image from narratively At the time of my birth on the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory located astride the St. Lawrence River 100 km southwest of Montreal it was overall Catholic. There were a few Methodist families and a few Mormons along with those who followed the traditional teachings, the people of the... Read more →

All Because of Stairs by Faith Jenkins “I met him on the stairs.” This is how Nana always begins this story... the story of how she met Pop-Pop, my grandfather, during WWII. I’m spending the weekend with my grandparents, the first in a few years. When I was a young boy every day, I would visit my grandparents with them... Read more →

A Taste of Home by Fatima SadeghiMohamad Every summer I would look forward to seeing the thin white wooden doors with the stained glass as we rode up the hill and into the wide street of my grandparent's home. While I sat in the taxi getting to their house from the Mehrabad International Airport, I always thought of the fresh... Read more →

Bombing Range Road by Hope Light Years before cell phones would have Global Positioning Systems that you could hold in your hand or cars would have built in screens with GPS nearly as large as the TV I had in my childhood bedroom and more right there next to your steering wheel, my mother lent us her window mount style... Read more →

"the wildest thing I've ever heard" by ariah linville When I was a kid, my grandma took me for a hike in the woods, not too far from her house. That’s my grandma’s thing: hiking. I’m sure that she had been down that trail dozens of times before, but this time, it was different. We started our hike just up... Read more →

Gay Chorus Deep South, a documentary reviewed by Peggy Fagan

Gay Chorus Deep South, a documentary reviewed by Peggy Fagan "There's a storm. And we have to learn to dance with the storm.” Dr. Tim Seelig, conductor of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, made a bold move by leading his choir down south after the chaos of the 2016 election and, subsequently, Southern states reinstating anti-LGBTQ discriminatory laws. Tim... Read more →

A Tale of the Hunt from 100 Years Ago ... for those of you who love hunting ... "Manfred von Richthofen Goes Hunting," adapted from A Restless Spirit by Marc A. Cirigliano ... a few months after his head wound in aerial head combat from a British .303, months with TBI that made him vomit every day, Manfred was up... Read more →

Link to 2019 NAMA Photos here. In American Music Where are the Natives? ©by Doug George-Kanentiio The music of America was rightfully indigenous for thousands of years prior to the arrival of the immigrants from the east. Not only drums and flutes but the power of the human voice drifted across the plains, through the forests, across the mountains and... Read more →