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... from Washington Monthly, reprinted under Fair Use. The GOP Principles That Paved the Way For Massive Suffering ‘Government is bad. Science is suspect. We can go it alone.’ by Nancy LeTourneau March 23, 2020 Image: White House/Flickr One of the critiques that is often leveled at the NeverTrumpers is that, even as they reject the current president’s words and... Read more →

Observations on the Complexity of Raphael, Who Died April 6 Five Hundred Years Ago by Marc A. Cirigliano Monday April 6 this week in 2020 is the 500th anniversary of Raphael Sanzio’s death. Raphael (1483-1520) was one of the triumvirate of great Italian High Renaissance painters, the other two being Leonardo (1452-1519) and Michelangelo (1475-1564). Contemporary sobriquets were “the marvelous”... Read more →

Repinted under Fair Use. Original article here. ... from Foreiegn Affairs: The Coming Coronavirus Recession And the Uncharted Territory Beyond by Mohamed A. El-Erian March 17, 2020 The closing numbers at the New York Stock Exchange for Monday, March 16, 2020 Bryan R. Smith/The New York Times The global economy will go into recession this year. The downturn will be... Read more →