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Printed under Fair Use. The growing coronavirus recession threat by Dion Rabouin from Axios Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios In just a matter of weeks, top economists and investment bank analysts have gone from expecting the coronavirus outbreak to have minimal impact on the U.S. economy to warning that an outright recession may be on the horizon. What's happening: The spread of... Read more →

Published under Fair Use from Letters from an American ... from Letters from an American by Heather Cox Richardson February 22, 2020 Heather Cox Richardson 19 hr 683 Facebook Page A lot of folks have been asking me lately if America has ever been in such a crisis before and, if so, what people in the past did to save... Read more →

Reprinted from Cassandra's Legacy with permission. ... from Cassandra's Legacy by Ugo Bardi: Italy Under the Coronavirus Attack: the Return of the Plague Spreaders This post is about how Italy is reacting to the diffusion of the COVID-19 epidemics that arrived during the past few days in the Northern regions of the country. Among other effects, it generated a wave... Read more →

US Army Corps of Engineers Great Lakes Water Level Projections into 2020

Printed under Fair Use from the US Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District Website. Note that we have previous The Eastern Woodlands Fusion articles on Great Lakes water levels: Property Owners Still Reeling from Great Lakes High Water 2020 Poses Even Higher Water Levels in the Great Lakes Lake Superior's New Climate Change Reality This is the laterst from the... Read more →

Printed here under Fair Use. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on February 20, 2020, by the Academy of American Poets. Ode to the Boy Who Jumped Me by Monica Sok You and your friend stood on the corner of the liquor store as I left Champa Garden, takeout in hand, on the phone with Ashley who said, That was your tough... Read more →

Reprinted under Fair Use. ... from Axios: Economists warn coronavirus risk far worse than realized by Dion Rabouin Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images Worries are growing that the economic impact from the novel coronavirus outbreak will be worse than expected and that markets are being too complacent in factoring it in as a risk. What's happening: The number of... Read more →

Trump: the Blamer Goes Full Berserker by Marc A. Cirigliano Image by Evan Vucci/AP Photo from Politico. A look at Donald Trump's character presents even a casual observer with a disturbing picture of a person who is angry, callous, vindictive, predatory, larcenous, and, to put it simply, mean-spirited. Trump is brazen about and proud to boast his feelings. As a... Read more →

Reprinted under Fair Use. Image not part of orignal article, but from Mother Jones. ... from Barr Lashes Out? by "The Votemaster" (Andrew Tanenbaum) and "Zenger" (Christopher Bates) Note: bold added by Eastern Woodlands. Attorney General William Barr is, apparently, very cross with Donald Trump. Sitting for an interview with ABC News, he complained about the difficult corners he's... Read more →