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Reprinted from Areo with permission of the author Bad Psychology: Why Climate Change Won’t Be Solved by Better Decisions at the Supermarket by Mads Nordmo Arnestad Image from Areo Did you know that if we all recycled one plastic bag, we could use those materials to make 28,906 park benches? Did you also know that if we’re ever going to... Read more →

Reprinted from Axios under Fair Use Climate change rains insurance misery on homeowners by Courtenay Brown Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios Climate change is making home insurance unavailable or unaffordable in the riskiest areas for hurricanes, wildfires and flooding. Why it matters: As insurance companies pay record amounts to homeowners who have suffered partial or total losses, they retreat from or raise... Read more →

A Taste of Home by Fatima SadeghiMohamad Every summer I would look forward to seeing the thin white wooden doors with the stained glass as we rode up the hill and into the wide street of my grandparent's home. While I sat in the taxi getting to their house from the Mehrabad International Airport, I always thought of the fresh... Read more →

Bombing Range Road by Hope Light Years before cell phones would have Global Positioning Systems that you could hold in your hand or cars would have built in screens with GPS nearly as large as the TV I had in my childhood bedroom and more right there next to your steering wheel, my mother lent us her window mount style... Read more →

"the wildest thing I've ever heard" by ariah linville When I was a kid, my grandma took me for a hike in the woods, not too far from her house. That’s my grandma’s thing: hiking. I’m sure that she had been down that trail dozens of times before, but this time, it was different. We started our hike just up... Read more →

Decision Making in Our Times of Environmental Stress by Marc A. Cirigliano Image from Wiki One would think we would have better decision making about environmental policy these days. There certainly is a lot to recommend about the information that we have today. Vannevar Bush and the Memex When Vannevar Bush wrote “As We May Think” for the July 1945... Read more →

Reprinted from NBC Sports through Fair Use. Harrison Dillard, Olympic 100m, 110m hurdles champ, dies by Olympic Talk Getty Images Harrison Dillard, who was the U.S.’ oldest living Olympic champion, died after battling stomach cancer at age 96 on Friday, according to the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee and USA Track and Field. Dillard was the only sprinter to win... Read more →

Ah ... the Cleveland Browns ... by Marc A. Cirigliano Here you have it in the accompanying photo, the great John Wooten, left guard of Paul Brown's Cleveland Browns, leading the great Jim Brown on one of the Brown's vaunted sweeps. That was when the Cleveland Browns were a respected and feared team. Paul Brown, ever the innovator, had a... Read more →