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Red China: State Environmentalism, Human Rights & Harvesting Organs of Political Dissidents by Marc A. Cirigliano Image: Wikipedia A few years ago, someone I know, a Southeast Asia expert, a China expert, said at an academic conference, "You can't believe anything Red China says. Everything their government says is a lie." Red China and the Environment In 2016, 196 countries... Read more →

… from Global Citizen, republished here under Fair Use. These Are the People Fighting Polio Around the World by Jackie Marchildon and Olivia Kestin Why Global Citizens Should Care Oct. 24 marks World Polio Day, a day to reflect on the success of the initiatives put in place to combat the infectious disease and to raise awareness on the work... Read more →

California Power Blackouts & Climate Change by Marc A. Cirigliano Photo by Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department via AP "PG&E announced plans on Saturday to turn off the lights in 940,000 homes and businesses throughout 36 counties in Northern California for 48 hours or more, in an attempt to prevent more wildfires," Gigi Sukin reports for Axios. Why the... Read more →

Climate Change and the Increase in Disease by Marc A. Cirigliano Graphic from CDC "As the globe warms, mosquitoes will roam beyond their current habitats, shifting the burden of diseases like malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya and West Nile virus. Researchers forecast different scenarios depending on the extent of climate change," so reports Rob Jordan from the Stanford Woods Institute for... Read more →

The Big Boys of Finance Want to Fight Climate Change! by Marc A. Cirigliano A house is surrounded by floodwater from the Red River on April 11, 2011 near Fargo, North Dakota. Scott Olson | Getty Images (from CNBC) As Bloomberg points out, "The Great Climate Retreat is beginning with tiny steps, like taxpayer buyouts for homeowners in flood-prone areas... Read more →

1 Million Americans Will Be Shot in the Next Decade

Re-published here under Fair Use from The Atlantic, "1 Million Americans Will Be Shot in the Nexr Decade" by Jillian Banner. ATLANTIC DOCUMENTARIES ‘1 Million Americans Will Be Shot in the Next Decade’ Jul 11, 2019 | 90 videos Video by The Atlantic “I see more gunshot wounds as a trauma surgeon here in the United States per week than... Read more →

Jerome Witkin: Art, Talent & the Aesthetic Eye of the Social Critic by Marc A. Cirigliano One of my favorite and most admired artists is Jerome Witkin, painter, draftsman and printmaker. Witkin has a technical mastery in oil, with pen and charcoal, and with the print. He is bold, addressing significant social issues and long-term historical traumas, such as the... Read more →

The Demolition of U.S. Diplomacy Photograph: Pompeo looks on as Trump holds a news conference after the NATO Summit in Brussels, July 2018 Yves Herman / Reuters Bravo for William J. Burns at Foreign Affairs for his new article "The Demolition of U.S. Diplomacy." Burns begins: In my three and a half decades as a U.S. Foreign Service officer, proudly... Read more →