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Autumn with the Little People in the Eastern Woodlands


Autumn is an engaging time in the countryside of the Eastern Woodlands.

IMG_20190928_132615153_HDRYou can't beat the smell of the air, the crispness of the breeze, the masses of billowing grey clouds of every shade and tint vying one to be in front of the others, and the colors of the leaves from dead and brown on the ground to all shades of red, orange and yellow still on the branches.

What's not to like?

The corn harvest and subsequent corn mazes for children to run through, pumpkins in anticipation of Halloween along with pumpkin pie, and the apple harvest with fresh apples of every kind, apple pie and fresh cider.

IMG_20190928_130647598Plus, there's honey of all kinds, including some kinds I'd never heard of: cranberry, tupelo and basswood. And, then we come to canning, with beets, peppers of all sorts, a wide variety of pickles, barbecue sauces, and jams made from every fruit imaginable: cherry, plum, apricot, peach and even rhubarb.

IMG_20190928_131305043These are simple things with a direct link to the land produced by people who are not part of some giant corporate combine. Indeed, stuff of everyday folk, the little people.

Not only is it a gustatory heaven, but it's also a time of renewal for one of our links to the land, to our households with tasty foods and a time to reflect on people and things important to us.

And, the sights are so colorful!

IMG_20190928_131024531 IMG_20190928_130928455















There is, as mentioned before, lots of things to see, smell, taste and bring home.












You can't beat fresh corn and nifty baked goods.












The craft fair in the next room is charming. IMG_20190928_131744953











Hand-made stuff.






        Crazy artisans! IMG_20190928_132259857






And simply fun.











IMG_20190928_131848473You gotta love your local craft folks! IMG_20190928_132254354















by Marc A. Cirigliano


Thanks to Zarpentine Farms.





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