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The Eastern Woodlands and the Challenge of Climate Change by Marc A. Cirigliano The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), a congressionally mandated Federal program, describes the Eastern Woodlands through an October view from Mt. Mansfield in Vermont as a bursting panorama of colors, for “the eastern forests and woodlands are known for this colorful fall display of leaves.” The... Read more →

It seems that it is all about the environment these days, no matter where you go. In central China in Yangluo, next to Wuhan, a city of 10 million, thousands of citizen demonstrated against a proposal to build a new waste incineration plant. From the South China Morning Post: Thousands of people took to the streets in central China on... Read more →

The Best People: Ignoring the American Need for Environmental Deliverance for Over 50 Years, with a new Addendum By Marc A. Cirigliano Popular journalism seems to have finally caught up with what the scientists have been telling us for well over five decades about the environment. You really can’t read anything in mainstream news or commentary without coming across articles... Read more →

Reported by Newsweek, we have a serious plan by Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang to tackle climate change: Presidential candidate Andrew Yang unveiled a nearly $5 trillion climate change proposal Monday morning that advises taking several specific steps within the next few decades, with the ultimate goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2049. Similar to the objectives of the Green... Read more →

Trilogy from a Small Town by Andrew McGourty

1. The Rough Ride by Andrew McGourty A red Chevy Cruze had just pulled up to a park bench, where a man, in his late 30’s sat. He was a white-skinned gentleman, with brown hair. His shirt was grey, the pants brown, and his shoes were black. He had his hands in his pockets and his head was slumped down.... Read more →

Richard Oakes, the Native 'Rosa Parks': Born of a History of Mohawk Troublemaking by Doug George-Kanentiio Akwesasne Mohawk One of the more admirable traits of the Mohawk people is the ability to shake things up, to disturb the complacent, to agitate, confront and demand. It was no mere chance that Skennenrahowi, the Peacemaker, decided to enter Mohawk territory first as... Read more →

The Young are Restless for a Reason Been keeping an eye on my mother-in-law the past few months. I try to be nice, you know, so, it’s her shows. Especially, the biggie. I speak, of course, of the platinum level show The Young and the Restless. Or, as I have learned after a very short time to call it, The... Read more →

A Must Read on American History

America’s Original Sin, Slavery and the Legacy of White Supremacy by Annette Gordon-Reed, Foreign Affairs, January/February 2018 The documents most closely associated with the creation of the United States—the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—present a problem with which Americans have been contending from the country’s beginning: how to reconcile the values espoused in those texts with the United States’... Read more →

Garden of Life by Kandi Ritton The sparkling stars were sprinkled throughout the evening sky; the only thing brighter than them was the full moon, which shone brightly on the small country town below. The town was built much like an old western town; it was surrounded by miles and miles of forest and had a dirt road up the... Read more →