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A Serious Plan by Andrew Yang

Reported by Newsweek, we have a serious plan by Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang to tackle climate change:

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang unveiled a nearly $5 trillion climate change proposal Monday morning that advises taking several specific steps within the next few decades, with the ultimate goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2049.


Similar to the objectives of the Green New Deal, Yang's plan is the latest ambitious proposal from a 2020 hopeful to address climate change and court Democratic primary voters...

...The timeline would be as follows:

  • 2025 – Establish net-zero standards for new buildings
  • 2027 – New nuclear reactors (thorium and fusion) begin to come online
  • 2030 – Zero-emission standard for all new cars
  • 2035 – 100% renewable electric grid
  • 2040 – Net-zero for all transportation sectors
  • 2045 – 85% methane recapture
  • 2049 – Fully green economy

The price tag for such a policy would top out at $4.87 trillion—which would be funded, in part, by eliminating oil company subsides and instituting a carbon fee and dividend. Yang estimates those measures combined would raise hundreds of billions of dollars per year...

Click here for the full article. Published under Fair Use.


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