From American is Already Great Again

The folks over at just provided a concise summary of Wesley Clark's article in Washington Monthly, America Is Already Great Again. The article is worth reading as an antidote to Trump's erroneous assertion that America is in decline. America Is Already Great Again Donald Trump is a very unusual candidate in so many ways. One of them is his... Read more →

An Interview with the MAGA Elite by J. Martin Pierce

We were fortunate here at the Eastern Woodlands Fusion being able to pull together several important people who represent some of the major leaders of the MAGA Movement: former Trump administration official Stephen Miller, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Trump insider Rodger Stone, and MTG. The interview took place as an informal discussion one afternoon at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort... Read more →

The USWNT Fails While Daring Greatly

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images and Robin Alam/USSF/Getty Images. The US Women’s National Soccer Team lost, in penalty kicks, to Sweden in the first elimination round of the final 16 teams in the 2023 Women’s Soccer World Cup hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand. As discussed earlier on the Eastern Woodlands, the US team seemed... Read more →

Jason Aldean's Tough Small Town Doesn't Take Care of Its Major Problems

Jason Aldean certainly threw some wood on the fire that feeds the American culture wars with his song Try That in a Small Town. (See complete lyrics below.) Aldean's morally pure, no-nonsense view of the small town reminds us of the Neo-Confederate portrayal of Antebellum South as moonlight and magnolias, when it was, in fact, "an Antidemocratic, Centralized State, a... Read more →

US Women's Soccer Team: Pre-Knockout Round, A Review

Megan Rapinoe #15 and Alex Morgan #13 of the United States during the second half of the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 Group E match between Portugal and USA at Eden Parkon August 01, 2023 in Auckland, New Zealand © Carmen Mandato/USSF/Getty I am no expert at soccer, a sport I came to when our sons... Read more →

Meteorologists targeted in climate misinfo surge

Partial preprint under Fair Use from MAY 13, 2023 Editors' notes Meteorologists targeted in climate misinfo surge by Roland Lloyd Parry and Benedicte Rey with Adria Laborda in Barcelona and Kate Tan in Sydney Meteorologists and their thermometers have been criticized by climate skeptics online. Once trusted faces on the news, meteorologists now brave threats, insults and slander online... Read more →

Taken from CNN and printed under Fair Use. Five undervaccinated clusters put the entire United States at risk By Elizabeth Cohen and John Bonifield, CNN Updated 10:06 AM ET, Thu July 8, 2021 (CNN)A new data analysis identifies clusters of unvaccinated people, most of them in the southern United States, that are vulnerable to surges in Covid-19 cases and could... Read more →

Public Health Expert Insights on the Pandemic

Printed under Fair Use. In today's edition: The pandemic's impact on kids isn't just about illness What's driving India's "black fungus" crisis? David Dowdy's personal Year in Review ICYMI: COVID-19 and Kids—Impacts, Uncertainties, and the Role of Vaccines The pandemic has been an incredibly disruptive event in young people’s lives. Last week, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Washington... Read more →